The Human Frontier – out today!

The Human Frontier, written and directed by Nick, is out NOW!
An epic science fiction story spanning hundreds of years of future history, The Human Frontier is a culture-clash of people from hundreds of years apart coming face to face. It’s also a love story, a story of a struggle for power and a futuristic murder mystery. Starring Pepter Lunkuse (Exographer Anna Swift) and Genevieve Gaunt (Commander Daisy Bailey) as two pioneers of future space colonisation, the ensemble cast also features Mark Elstob (Pilot Robert Harrigan), Lucy Briggs-Owen (‘Nilly’), Clive Wood (President Triton) and Nicholas Briggs (Hans Dendrick).Two sets of Earth colonists, both setting out for the planet ND492. One crew takes the long route, sleeping for 1,000 years, in secret, on a ship called The Human Frontier. The other crew set off hundreds of years later, at hyper speed.

When the sleepers wake as they approach the planet, the hyper-speed crew have been living there for 300 years already –and they have no clue the ‘sleepers’ are about to arrive.

The Human Frontier is now available to own as a digital download for just £16.99, exclusively from

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