The Dalek Generation

by Nicholas Briggs

“The Sunlight Worlds Offer You A Life of Comfort and Plenty. Apply now at the Dalek Foundation.”

Sunlight 349 is one of countless Dalek Foundation worlds, planets created to house billions of humanoids suffering from economic hardship. The Doctor arrives at Sunlight 349, suspicious of any world where the Daleks are apparently a force for good – and determined to find out the truth.

He soon finds himself in court, facing the ‘Dalek Litigator’. But do his arch enemies really have nothing more to threaten than legal action? The Doctor knows they have a far more sinister plan – but how can he convince those who have lived under the benevolence of the Daleks for a generation?

But convince them he must, and soon. For on another Foundation planet, archaeologists have unearthed the most dangerous technology in the universe …

A thrilling, all-new adventure featuring the Doctor as played by Matt Smith in the spectacular hit series from BBC Television.

BBC Books / ISBN 978-1-84990-575-6 / Book Hardback[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Doctor Who Storybook 2007

Eight brand new illustrated adventures for the Doctor and Rose!

No One Died

by Nicholas Briggs

The Doctor and Rose visit a village in different time zones. A village that has vanished. What has happened to the population and what are the mysterious Viyrans up to?

Panini Books / ISBN 978-1-84653-001-2 / Book Hardback


Doctor Who Storybook 2008

Eight brand new illustrated adventures for the Doctor and Martha!

The Iron Circle

by Nicholas Briggs

The Doctor and Martha encounter a strange alien artefact on the Isle of Wight which is exerting a bizarre effect on its local surroundings …

Panini Books / ISBN 978-1-84653-030-2 / Book Hardback